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Welcome to ML Manufacturing


Welcome to ML Manufacturing 

We manufacture lightweight folding aluminum portable gantry cranes 1-5 ton and bridge cranes. Our gantries have US, CMMA, ISO and ASME certifications

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We manufacture lightweight folding aluminum portable gantry cranes 1-5 ton capacity in standard and all terrain models with 12 foot span and 7-12 foot adjustable height. Larger capacity and sizes custom made upon request. Call for quote 434-581-2000 We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We've been making gantries since 2005 and have 100% positive feedback on Ebay.

Thank you for visiting call with any questions or for a quote .FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES LOWER 48 Email for a quote to other locations, Excludes custom gantries 


As you can see by the photos, our gantry cranes are easily dismantled into a compact unit for storage and mobility in a matter of minutes! This makes the days of bulky, cumbersome mast assemblies a thing of the past.

Made with 60/61 aluminum light weight. 

Each A frame of our gantry cranes weighs only 118 pounds with 6 inch casters installed making it a dream to set up, take down, transport and even fit into elevators or through roof hatches.

No more hassles with trying to figure out how to get those awkward mast or A frame to where the work is.

All models are adjustable from 7-12 foot in height and a 12 foot I beam with adjustment settings allowing the user to reduce the span to as little as 5 foot 6 inches.

Our patented bolt together design allows for replacement and removal of every part of the gantry crane individually. We can refurbish and re-certify ours at a fraction of the cost to you the customer. We realize the importance of the cost in these trying times.

Best of all is Cost! You will find us to be one of the best priced manufacturers of aluminum gantry cranes. One of the best built and easiest to use gantry cranes on the market constructed of all 60/61 aluminum.

We offer other sizes custom built upon request.

If you are in need of a high quality aluminum gantry crane  at a great price, it just makes good sense to purchase one of ours.

All models heights are 7 - 12 feet in height (over beam) with a workable I-beam length of 12 foot (can be reduced or increased if requested by the customer). 

We also make specialty gantries (custom made) and most any other custom items to suit your business needs. Contact us if you need custom items made and we will be glad to work with you and give a quote.


Shop with confidence using Paypal or call the office we can use our virtual terminal for credit card orders. Thank you from ML Manufacturing

FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES  Email for a quote to other locations.. Excludes custom gantries 

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